Basic Information

Competition project is located in Ruichang, Jiangxi. It is in the middle Yangtze River, and at the foot of the Lushan Mountain that is a famous scenic zone in China. Ruichang is a county-level city belonging to Jiujiang, located in the west part of the downtown. As the satellite town of Jiujiang city, there is expansive back-land to be developed in Ruichang, which offers ample development space for "Greater Jiujiang" regional economic society.

The Competition site this year is on the south bank of the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River, east to Kuanglu, neighboring Jiujiang County; west to Mufu, adjoining Yangxin County in Hubei province; and north to the Yangtze River, acrossing the river from Wuxue, Hubei. It is the first place where the Yangtze River flows into the Jiangxi province, and has convenient land and water transport. It is one of the national important organic towns, and known as the "Golden Town" since ancient times, because of the old commercial port of the Yangtze River. The Jiangxi Jiangzhou Dockyard where is the competition site in is located on the south of Yangtze River, in the city of Ruichang. It is a corporate modern shipbuilder remold from the Jiangzhou Dockyard that belongs to China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC). It has the history of more than 40 years, and is one of the largest and capable ship production bases in Jiangxi province.

"Earth Roots Renascence" is the theme of the 2017 Ruichang · L&A Design Star Competition. It takes the former site of the Jiangxi Jiangzhou Dockyard as the key point of the competition, covering the surrounding mountains, waterbody and towns as the design site. The designers are supposed to research on the new "tourism plus" model, to consider the industry heritage, which includes Tongling Site, Old 459 Factory, 491 Factory, Hongxia People Factory, Xinmin Machine Factory and other old sites, basic ecological establishments, creative tourism, art activation and public education, and to create modern cultural tourism IP, by new thoughts and appropriate planning. So that Ruichang could be built as a “all-for-one” tourism industry experience area with global view and promotional tourism resource.

Design Principles

4.1 Design Proposal

4.1.1 Participants are supposed to sort out and explore the industry history and future development of Ruichang in 3,300 years, expound their views and understanding on industry culture in Ruichang. Meanwhile, they should integrate the concept and thought of “all-for-one" tourism industry experience area, turning a new page of the project site.

4.1.2 The necessary contents include: feasibility report, scheme description, development pattern of industry heritage and industry tourism and tourism route planning, the achievement should be typeset in A0 size.

4.2 The Overall Planning

4.2.1 Research and analyze the site, build reasonable industrial distribution with the consideration of industry site renovation and cultural tourism; plan appropriate routes of industry heritage and tourism, including Tongling site, Old 459 Factory, 491 Factory, Hongxia People Factory, Xinmin Machine Factory and other old sites, which are union industry heritage and relevant industry of Ruichang Matou modern industry park, creating a distinctive industry tourism route in Ruichang.

4.2.2 Overall planning achievement: concepts extraction, master plan, aerial view, analysis graphics including functions, attractions, circulation, and visual lines, and industrial operation planning in unlimited manifestation;

4.2.3 The necessary contents include: tourism marking analysis for enforceable operation in the future; planning and construction ideas for the local cultural creative, film and television production, publication and distribution, entertainment and animation; environment improvement by transforming the key nodes and optimizing buildings styles and functions.

4.3 Visual System and Creative IP

4.3.1 Participants are supposed to study the history of the site and its natural geography conditions, and to design an exclusive IP with caption;

4.3.2 LOGO: Brand mark of Ruichang “all-for-one” tourism industry experience area in colors, standard typography, slogan, standard colors, a design description with more than 100 words, all the logo design should include the ink draft, monochrome inverted of the logo, standardized drawings or grid mapping and the guideline of standard combination;

4.3.3 Required VI Application: visual signpost system, urban furniture, or other urban space design elements;

4.3.4 Take the IP as the key, extendedly design cultural and creative products, which should be original and producible, no limitation in quantity and category.

4.4 Schematic Design

Renovation and renascence of the industry site called Jiangxi Jiangzhou Dockyard is the main part in the parcel to be designed in details. It is supposed to plan creative and appropriate industries and function considering the local culture, to dig the culture and commercial value, to build attractive cultural tourist destination and creative experience area, conveyed by concept description, planning scheme, master plan, site design images by relevant analysis graphics and renderings.

One of the buildings in the key parcel is needed to be design deeply. Design achievements will include concept description, master plan, analysis graphics, and renderings, building plan, elevation and section, which could express the design vision.

ALL the four parts are required, and should be includes in the final submit works.


7.1 The submission deadline: 12pm, Nov 27th 2017, Monday.

7.2 Delivery address for paper files:

"2017 Ruichang - L&A Design Star" committee, Room 302, 5# Block, Nanhai E-Cool Building, Xinghua RD, Shekou, Nanshan District, ShenZhen, People’s Republic of China. The date on the postmark or expressage would be regarded as the actual date of submission.

7.3 All digital copies should be sent to before12:00 pm Nov 27th 2017 on Monday. It will include the PPT report, posters in JPG or PDF, design description in DOC and other drawing files in JPG/AI/CDR.


9.1 Warm-up period: 2017/08/31 - 2017/09/04.

9.2 Official registration time:
2017/09/04 0:00 am - 2017/11/27 12:00 pm.

9.3 The award “The Best Survey" application:
before 2017/11/06 12:00 pm.

9.4 Online registration and Submission:
before 2017/11/27 12:00 pm.

9.5 Judge panel review:
2017/12/01 - 2017/12/13.

9.6 Results announcement: 2017/12/15.

9.7 Exhibition:
*2017/12/02 - 2016/12/15 (Venue:Shenzhen)
*2017/12/24 - 2016/12/31 (Venue:Ruichang)

9.8 Awards Ceremony and summit forum:
2017/12/23 Saturday (Venue:Ruichang)

Judge Panel

Profession Judges

Paul Lawitzke
Master of Urban Society in Free University of Berlin, Master of Science in Management in German University of Administrative Sciences Speye, Director of Industry Heritage Leisure and Marketing Department of Ruhr Industrial Base association

Dihua Li
sub decanal and associate professor of The Graduate School of Landscape Architecture, Peking University

Wenling Kang
cooperation convener of Huashan Creative Park, Taipei / Taiwan Cultural-Creative Development Co. Ltd

Ludong Gao
Architect, partner of Hangzhou Daqinggu Resort District, former Olympian Kayak Asian champion and national team coach

Hui Liu
Professor in Architecture school in Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Chairman of landscape architecture department and academic leader

Xiaowen Wu
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in China's Central Academy of Fine Arts, Master of Landscape Architecture in Rhode Island School of Design, Lecturer of Enviornment Art Design in East China Normal University

Design Director of Tourism Planning in L&A Design Group

Fangyue Li
L&A Design Group Managing Director

Ziming Liu
Design Director of L&A Design Group

Government and enterprise guests

Government Leaders and experts in Jiangxi province

Government Leaders and experts in Jiujiang city

Government Leaders and experts in Ruichang city

Jinwen Zhang
Division Chief of the Arts and Culture Sports and Tourism Administration of Shenzhen Municipality

Jinxiong Ouyang
Director of Intangible Cultural Heritage protection Office and Heritage Management Office in Shenzhen Cultural Relics Bureau

Shifang Huang
Director of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Culture Research Centre

Qingbo Lin
Vice Director of Art Department in Shenzhen Bureau of Culture and Tourism

Shihong Zhang
President of China Ocean Industry Group Limited


2.1 Shenzhen “Creative December”

Shenzhen has been awarded the title of “City of Design” in China. Creative December consists of a series of exhibitions held by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, aiming to increase public awareness for creative culture, and to encourage public participation in the development of Shenzhen’s creative industry. L&A Design Star Competition is one of the special activities in "Creative December".

2.2 "Tourism plus"

"Tourism plus" is the development model that has the “all-for-one” tourism concept, building new tourism development pattern. According to the society developing direction in China, it promotes the tourism development that should be creative, harmonious, green, open and shareable, motivates tourism transformation and upgrade, improving the quality and efficiency, enhances the integration of tourism and the tertiary industry, culture, art, public education, science popularization by the "Tourism plus" method, plans and exploits cross-boundary products of cultural recreation, ecological tourism, commerce exhibition, leisure resort and rural tourism with their own characteristics and attributes, drives the convergence of “all-for-one” tourism elements, advances the overall strength and competitiveness of the regional tourism.

2.3 "Industry Renascence"

"Industry Renascence" has been one of the most popular topics, focusing on the new culture and tourism IP. Nowadays, in China it steps into the new stage that city development is upgrading from the secondary to the tertiary industry, and it concerns over the adaptable re-exploitation and intergrowth for urban renewal. A great deal of industry architecture heritages and function replacement are both opportunity and bottleneck. There are plenty of cases in the west world of industry site renovation and regeneration, which are still hot topics and examples after several years. It needs excellent industry renewal, opening the new ideas of cultural tourism IP.

2.4 Industry in Ruichang

Ruichang has abundant traditional and local culture. Ruichang is the birthplace of Chinese bronze smelt, where located the Tongling Ruins the earlies bronze mining and smelt site in the world about 3,300 years from now. It is called "Hometown of Chinese Folk Art" for Ruichang scissor-cut and bamboo weaving which are placed in the national nonmaterial cultural heritage list.

Jiangxi Jiangzhou Dockyard covers an area of 1905 acres with 1980 acres of waterbody. The overall available size is about 5000 acres including surrounding mountains. The ships and military enterprises have already undergone more than 40 years, leaving docks, workshops, living quarters, and warehouse which have distinctive features. These witnessed the history of Chinese ships and military development, perfectly protected as infrequent industry heritage site.


3.1 Raise thinking and select proposal all over the world. Appeal university students who majors in creative, design and planning, to contribute to “all-for-one” tourism industry experience area in Ruichang, to give strategic planning and implementation suggestion in cultural and creative industry, ecology and industry heritage.

3.2 Adopt the “DEEP plus” approach to planning and landscape design (design+, ecology+, economy+ , planning+ and marking). Designers must take creative design and commercial considerations into account early in the design stage, in order to fully dig the cultural and commercial value of the town.

3.3 Make clear industry IP image of the “all-for-one” tourism industry experience in Ruichang, and build the city leisure space with extremely regional characteristics.

3.4 Use design thinking to discover existing problems and to formulate solutions accordingly.

3.5 Finish the overall arrangement of the scenic spot and the other systems analysis.

3.6 Explore detailed planning of key nodes with the distinctive achievement in creative expression.

Site Investigation

5.1 Applicants are eligible to get the "2017 Ruichang- L&A Design Star” badge;

5.2 Access to the Jiangzhou Dockyard with the badge for site research, considering the particularities of industry heritage and industry tourism, the committee will organize two official site investigations someday in September and October, with explanation and guide to the site; if you are interested in the site investigation, please pay attention to the official QQ group and notification from the wechat official account called Aoya Design.

5.3 Participants who plan to invest the site before Nov 4th 2017 will get the relevant information and free lunch or super at the service station;

5.4 Service station:

Station A
Address: Lobby of Ruichang Lixin Garden Hotel on the first floor, Yanglinhu Road 999, Ruichang, jiujiang, Jiangxi (near the coach station)
Name: Qian Hu Telephone: 137-6726-6141

Station B
Lunch or Dinner for Free :3 Long Tang Restaurant
Address: 100m west from the Crossing of Huangjin Avenue and Pencheng East Road.
TPIS:You can get there from Ruichang Lixin Garden Hotel by Taxi in 5 RMB
Name: Jian Telephone: 151-7029-6660

5.5 If your team plan to apply the award “Best Survey”, send the relevant site information, including but not limited to site photos, video, music and summary in WORD, analysis diagram to specific E-mail before the deadline (12pm Nov 6th 2017 ).

Competition Entries

6.1 Paper files

6.1.1 Not more than 4 pages of A0 posters in vertical layout, including plan and analysis, function layout, spatial arrangement and aerial view.

6.1.2 Clearly label your full name, department and school or organization, major and project name, at the bottom of the right corner on the back of each page, covered by opaque paper. No personal information shall be disclosed on the front of any page, or you will be disqualified. All the drawings and texts should be bilingual in Chinese/English.

6.2 Electronic records

6.2.1 Submit all A0 posters in JPG or PDF. Drawing file is divided into print and web browsing: for print, drawing size A0 (1189 mm * 841 mm) with more than 300 dpi, in JPG or PDF format; for Web, use the JPG format with 72 dpi, drawing size is suggested to be 1500 pixels * 2000 pixels, file size should be under 3M. All these files must be named for short (within four characters or words) and page numbers, like "Ruichang Competition_01.jpg". All the drawings and texts should be bilingual in Chinese/English.

6.2.2 Visual design documents shall include: JPG files in 300dpi at least, and original files in AI and CDR. Please make sure to retain resolution, so that the campaign organizers could use it in branding events. JPG file must be in RGB mode, in the size of not less than 500px by width, and height unlimited;

6.2.3 Check that all the JPG files are in RGB mode, avoiding color cast;

6.2.4 Submit design description in more than 200 words in both Chinese and English, including design name, general overview, main features, zoning plan and team members with author name, department and school or organization, major and scanning copies of the student ID cards. All above should be with .DOC format.

6.2.5 Submit Design Proposal with .DOC format, including but not limited: feasibility report, scheme description, reference images and activity operation planning. Word number is unlimited, drawing size should be more than 3,000px, 300dpi.

6.2.6 The top 8 participants should prepare a speech and a PowerPoint presentation of less than 40 pages in Chinese and English. Please explain the main idea of your design in the PPT report in both Chinese and English. Name your files in this format: “Author name, department, school / organization, project name, page number”. This presentation should submit before the report in the morning on December 23th. Any modification is not allowed after submission.


8.1 Participants must be undergraduates, or postgraduates with any nationality.
The competition is open to groups within 5 members, not for individual.
Inter-disciplinary collaboration is encouraged.

8.2 Works, work pieces, renderings or analysis graphics published or presented in any other competition or public occasion is not allowed, or you will be disqualified.

Contact Us

Contact: 021-60498482 Jensen and Jianyu Chai

QQ for contact:3514462751 (nickname:L&A)

QQ Group for competition:194082196
(group name:2017瑞昌奥雅设计之星)
The competition site information will be offered when you attend the QQ group.


First Place (one entry): ¥50,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

Second Place (two entries): ¥30,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

Third Place (three entries): ¥10,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

Excellency Award (ten entries): Certificate

Comprehensive Awards (one entry for each award):

The Best Creative Award: ¥2,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

The Best Presentation Award: ¥2,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

The Strongest Logic Award: ¥2,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

The Best Survey Award: ¥2,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

The Most Network popularity Award: ¥2,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

The Best Crossover Group Award: ¥2,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

The Best Visual IP Award: ¥2,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

Special Awards(one entry for each award):

VO-The Best Sustainability Award: ¥2,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

VO-The Best Diversification Award: ¥2,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

VO-The Best Flexibility Award: ¥2,000RMB
Certificate and Trophy

Award winners’ benefits:

1. A generous cash prize;
2. Design Star Trophy,and a prestigious certificate stamped by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Ruichang Municipal People government;
3. Insightful feedback from Highly renowned experts in various disciplines, including planning, creative industry and venture capital;
4. Opportunity for investment of the award-winning works;
5. Further publication on other platforms;
6. A job opportunity in L&A Design Group;
7. Recommendation letters addressed to internationally renowned universities.

Copyright Statement

According to the relevant state laws and regulations, who submit works on one's own initiative as "participant" or "author", the organizers have the right to believe the following irrevocable works copyright statement:

12.1 Original statement: The entries are the original works, not infringe any patent, copyright, trademark, or any others font and intellectual property rights; The work has never been published in the newspapers, magazines, websites and other media or apply for a patent or copyright registration work, and not attend any other game or used in commerce of any form as well. Award-winning designers ensure the entry would never be used in the other design or transfer to other party. Otherwise, the organizer will cancel the qualification of participation, recover the bonuses and awards, what’s more, we reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility.

12.2 Entries intellectual property ownership: entries of competition in the first, second and third prize and special-award are belonging to the contest organizers except the right of authorship. The exercise of his copyright including but not limited to the following way: redesign, making production, sale, display, print and publicity rights. Any other units and individuals (including the author ) shall not use in any form without authorization such as coping, reproduction, broadcast or excerpts, publication, distribution, etc.

12.3 Please read the above terms carefully before submitting and fully understand and agree that the competition jury has the right of final decision towards all the winning entries.

12.4 The winners need to pay income tax according to the provisions of the state.


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