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L&A 3.0



Cultural and Creative

Development and Operation of Cultural Tourism

D —— Design
B —— Build
F —— Finance
O —— Operation

The "cultural and creative +" strategy and the development of cultural and creative industries are feasible methods to improve the pattern of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and comprehensively upgrade the quality of urban industries and life.

L&A Design seeks a more vibrant transformation and industrial upgrading way for urban development through capital intervention, on-site operation and other whole industry chain service systems.

L&A 2.0



Consulting Service

New-type Urbanized Comprehensive Service Provider

D —— Design
E —— Economic
E —— Ecology
P —— Planning

DEEP is an integrated planning evaluation and decision support system, as well as a comprehensive evaluation system for land development in urbanization development consulting projects.

L&A Design takes systematic and rigorous working methods, comprehensively considers space agreeableness, social coordination, environmental sustainability and economic profitability of this system, maximizing their combined effect.

L&A 1.0




Pioneer and Leader of Ecological and Cultural Landscape

L —— Locality
E —— Ecological
A —— Art
D —— Detail

L&A Design is sensitive to native elements of a project. Inspired by site spirit and local culture, we take full advantage of local materials and plants;

follow ecological principles to create a green community and to reduce construction and maintenance costs;

emphasize artistic expression (modern art and land art);

focus on detail design and lay stress on individuality.

Business Philosophy

Do the right thing

# Pursue quality, efficiency and sustainable development
# Become the industry model
# Care about clients, colleagues and society
# Create urban spaces bringing happiness to people

Use the right way

# Make immortal legends
# Adhere to purpose and keep promise
# Bring more honor to L&A Design through every design and service
# Team ranks first. Enjoy every day

Employ the right person

# Serve the society, contribute to others; shoulder the mission and be brave
# Hire excellent persons permanently and fully empower them to show their abilities
# Dare to change and keep changing
# Do my best and strive for excellence