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Comprehensive Facilitator of a Better Environment a Large New Urbanization and Comprehensive Cultural Tourism Creative Institutions

In continuous practice, L&A Design pursues a creative and beautiful living space that belongs to Chinese regional context; we enhance, protect and improve the environment that human beings rely on to survive, providing integrated services all the way from design to construction, financial consulting, operations management and other related issues.

Great Experience Declaration

L&A Design is not only a design company but also a service-oriented enterprise,

whose design leads the industry while its service becomes the industry benchmark at the same time.
L&A Design's sustainable core competitiveness is driven by both design and service.

At L&A Design, everyone is a “service ambassador”.
We always insist on creating a unique and unforgettable experience for our clients.
Our "clients" include not only external clients, but also internal ones.

We believe that creating a great experience requires a momentary change in mentality and continuous actions.

Therefore, as the spokesperson of L&A Design's "Great Experience", we promise:

To serve!

A life of service and contribution is our purpose and ultimate mission, as well as our attitude towards life.
Service is practice. While serving others, we also change and succeed in our own life.

I care!

Service begins with empathy, and "love" is its spiritual essence.
We will keep in mind the original intention that "I wish you happy".
We believe that the meaning of life lies in the desperate experience, the passionate and fearless pursuit of a newer and richer life.


Be dedicated, Be honest
Pursue excellence, Sustainable innovation

L&A Deign lay emphasis on employees’ integrity and ability hoping to work with talents who are both professional and moral.#

Service Principle


Be professional

Professional norms, professional standards and professional qualities
Professional service mind and attitude


Trust each other

L&A Design is committed to building long-term stable and mutually trusting developmental relationships with high quality clients.


Efficient communication

Keep a positive attitude and an open mind
Give positive feedback and efficient solution to related problems


Impress clients

Pursue perfection and excellence
Strive to do project and provide service beyond expectations